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IMVU is a software application that is available for download on Windows. At first glance, IMVU may appear to resemble an MMO such as TERA or RuneScape, though in a setting that is not exclusively medieval. In reality, IMVU more closely imitates Second Life. Like Second Life, IMVU is a 3D world comprised of countless rooms that users can enter and explore. In a way, IMVU is a form of social media, as the main function of the application is for users to chat with one another in unique environments.

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One of the most interesting aspects of IMVU is its character customization. Through the IMVU shop, users can purchase credits to improve their avatar's wardrobe and physical appearance. Users are also afforded the alternative of earning these credits by watching videos or taking surveys. In the shop, IMVU users may also purchase VIP status, which provides them with an in-game badge, allows them to remove the Guest tag from their names, and enables them to use certain in-game actions that guests cannot.

One trait that differentiates IMVU from open world games is that players cannot move freely within each room. Instead, they are simply allowed to click around on certain hot spots where their avatar will assume a certain animation. For example, when the player clicks a sofa hot spot, their character will "teleport" to the sofa and sit down. There is no shortage of animations; in certain hot spots, players can even dance, sing, and kiss.

Overall, IMVU is a form of social media that allows users to interact with one another in a variety of settings, including clubs, player houses, restaurants, and beaches. Compared to Second Life, IMVU is a more simplistic network of chat rooms. Furthermore, the software does not have the same burden on graphic systems. IMVU is a perfectly appropriate platform for those who are searching for an interactive chat room where they can meet new people.


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